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Image Prompts!

Image Prompts are a creative, EASY way to give your coaching clients
the new awareness, results and solutions they hired you for.

You never know what will surface…expect surprises, depth and transformation!

Easily spice up your coaching and get breakthrough results…everytime.

Image Prompts

So easy to use, just put one of these visual prompts into a PowerPoint, add an open-ended question, share your screen, and magic happens.

Use the prompts to…

  • Break the ice

  • Move through an impasse

  • Explore challenges

  • Gain Clarity

  • Bust through ruts

  • Shift Perspective

  • Capture a learning

  • Open a discussion

  • And more...

You will want to use them everywhere!

Use Image Prompts in your group programs, meetings, and private sessions for breakthrough results and powerful engagement.

General Image Collection

Metaphor Image Collection
flowers and doors

Sea Theme Image Collection
fish, underwater, beach scenes

JICT Image Collection 

What Clients are saying...

My biggest takeaway is sometimes it is difficult to listen to the voice within or connect with it. To have a picture that resonates with me or the client, it felt easier to connect and get answers.


I nailed something during this video that I hadn’t appreciated before. I thought the reason I’m not marketing myself was ‘fear of failure’ but actually when I asked the flower (the orange marigold) it was ‘fear of ridicule’.


My take away from this lesson is that there is an innate wisdom that resides within me my opportunity is to give it an invitation to be heard. These images or metaphors open that door.


Case Study…How Image Prompts
facilitated a breakthrough moment


A client of mine was wondering whether she should pursue a particular project. Rather than diving into pro’s and con’s, we worked with the general image prompts instead.

The process provided richness, clarity, a metaphor for ongoing work, and left her energized!

The instruction was to allow herself to be drawn to an image with permission to not over think or even know why she was drawn to that image. The image selected was the leopard. We went through a series of questions related to the image.

The Message from leopard…

She was immediately reminded of a safari she’d been on the past winter. They were tracking a spotted leopard. They saw signs of it each day, but the leopard itself was extremely illusive. It took a long time to spot it and when they did finally see it, it was amazing.

When connecting this to her original question, she said there’s something about it being elusive. The leopard is telling me that I’m here [meaning her project] even if you can’t fully see me. That even though it may not happen on my timeline, patience will be rewarded. Like the leopard – it will be a big prize!


This was such a different experience than exploring pros and cons. The leopard had so much wisdom for her plus the metaphor of ‘tracking’ can become part of the ongoing conversation.

What Professionals are saying...

I recently used the image prompts for a check in during a meeting with a group of Stanford MBA students. They came into the meeting feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the demands of balancing school, job search, family and social life – during a pandemic.

The group is diverse along gender, nationality and ethnicity lines.  Their check in was to find an image that represented their intention for the week.  They LOVED this exercise! They also found it energizing, which was so important, considering where they started. 

One of them said, “If we had jumped in directly to talking about what we wanted, I would have been very linear and limited in my approach.  In using the image, I could start to explore the aspects of what I want in a different way, and went beyond what I could have imagined.”  I never know what these MBA students will respond to – this was a big hit!

Ricki Frankel

Executive Coach and Lecturer in Coaching & Leadership at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

Marcy’s Image Prompts are amazing! I’ve used them in virtual retreats and with individual coaching clients over Zoom, and I have always been excited by the results! They work great as ice breakers when people are introducing themselves for the first time in a retreat setting, they can be used to lead people into a meditation or journaling exercise, and they help my coaching clients reach wisdom inside themselves they probably wouldn’t have found if they were only using words to talk through or write about an issue.


Plus, the mere act of adding the Image Prompts to my coaching repertoire has led me to think more creatively about how I interact with my clients overall. If you’re looking for a fun, interesting, and effective way to engage with your clients, I highly recommend getting and using these Image Prompts.





Kristine Goad

Surfing Your Edge Coach and adventure retreat leader

I have used Marcy’s Image Prompts in my Virtual Retreats and knew it would be a fun way for my clients to introduce themselves to the rest of the participants, but I was completely blown away at the instant sense of community it created among my participants after each one shared which picture they chose and why.


It was so beautiful and perfectly aligned with one of the main purposes of my virtual retreats, which is to create a sense of community among all those attending the retreat.  The image prompts are perfect for building community.


I cannot recommend highly enough how great and impactful Marcy’s Image Prompts are as a powerful tool to bring about inspiration and transformation for your clients.






Anne Gordon

Retreat Success Coach, Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

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Click the button below to purchase

You will want to use them everywhere!

Use Image Prompts in your group programs, meetings and private sessions for breakthrough results and powerful engagement. You never know what will surface…
​expect surprises, connection, depth and transformation!